A dental crown is a manufactured tooth, when the natural tooth has got affected due to any of the reasons such as discolored, cracked or broken, heavily filled, or if fillings have been lost. then the manufactured tooth is used for crowning the affected tooth. it’s generally made of porcelain or ceramic and also made of gold alloys for improved strength when replacing a back tooth. modern technology made a great way to match the new crown to the shape of your existing teeth and their color. new crown enhances your smile and function well within your bite.

A crown completely covers a tooth above the gum line. Therefore, if a tooth is missing a significant amount of structure above the gum line, a crown would be the best restoration of choice.

When would you need the dental crowns?

  • When your teeth get discolored or becoming darker in color. Visit the dentist to know about tooth’s condition. If your dentist recommends for a crown restoration, then you have options in porcelain or ceramic to match the shape and strength of your existing tooth.
  • Frequent replacement of filling may deepen the tooth structure and can cause the loss of precious tooth structure. If the teeth are heavily filled, there may be a risk of fracture. So, before the filling becomes too large and due to that remaining tooth structure too short to fix the crown, the dentist will recommend you to go with a dental crown.
  • If your teeth are showing fine lines of a crack, deep crack or when biting into sticky or hard food feel sensitivity then there may be at risk of complete fracture. It generally happens for heavily filled teeth, where amalgam filling is in its place. Dentist suggests crowning the teeth.
  • In the process of root canal therapy, the hollowing out of tooth and filling of the tooth is done due to that it is prone to fracture. Dentist highly recommends the crowning root canal filled the tooth to protect from fracture and further bacterial infection.