What Our Patients Think!

"I don't normally write reviews but I wanted to write one on Dr. Lee's dental office. The reason I wanted to write a review is due to their amazing customer service. Their services and friendly atmosphere made my dental work a breeze. Everyone welcomed me as soon as I walked in with a bright smile and a Good morning how is your day so far? I felt like I was at a day spa or something. As I waited for a few minutes to be called in the receptionist asked me if I needed anything. I was good and said no thank you. Once I was in the back ready for my cleaning everyone was so attentive and ready to get started. The nice dental assistant asked me if I was okay and if there was anything I needed. I said I was ready to go and we got started. The dentist walked in and let me know I was getting a cleaning and some Xrays. Everyone communicated great and I left there in good spirits feeling like they all really cared about me and my teeth. Lol. Well, thank you Dr. Lee and her team. I will definitely be back."
Sheila B.
"I just want to commend all who handled me. I am one of those that numbing agent doesn't work well on. Dr. Lee handled my extraction with care and I would recommend her. I will definitely be back under better circumstances. Thank you"
Teresa J.
"I've been treated here for almost 2 years. So far I'm really happy with everything. They have been changing my smile and I couldn't be happier about it . Thank you Dr. lee"
Lina G
"I have been a patient of Dr. Lee's for about 15 years now, and not once during my time with her have I ever considered moving to another dentist. In addition to routine dental work, I have had multiple procedures done at this office, including a dental implant and braces. My parents are also Dr. Lee's patients, and have gotten root canals, bridges, extractions, dentures, and teeth whitening done here. All of us have been incredibly satisfied with her results every single time. Overall, Dr. Lee is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. She and her staff work hard to individualize patient care and meet patient needs. I currently live in LA but would rather stay with this clinic than find a new one. That's how great of an experience I've had here. If you're looking for a talented, caring dentist with a friendly staff, look no further!"
Tina A.
"I was a patient at Nomi Lee's Dentistry in the Beaumont location for over a year. I did not have any sensitivity or discomfort with my teeth until I had 4 fillings done by Nomi Lee. I had fillings done before at a different dentist's office before, but this time I felt extreme sensitivity to cold and I'm not able to chew normally right after the procedure with Nomi. I went back to her office twice. First visit, she said it was normal to feel sensitive right after getting the fillings. Second visit, she said all the discomfort was due to me grinding my teeth badly at night (I highly doubt it, none of my family have notice me ever grinding my teeth at night.) To top it off, she again tried to sell me a night guard and to inject Botox to weakening my chewing muscles. With a heart that is filled with regrets I was hoping my sensitivity would reduce by time. 6 months later, I called again to confirm my appointment with the hygienist who I trust and feel comfortable with. They told me the date and time, however they also inform me that they will refuse to serve me because I gave them a bad review on Yelp. Again I updated my Yelp review based on what had happened today. I got a reply from them saying they left me a voicemail to ask me go back to the office because I didn't return their call so that they refused to serve me. I will go get a print out of my calls' record and show them that I called 3 times. NO ONE answered the phone. Thank you for anyone that took their time to read my long review about my terrible experience with Nomi Lee. I will pray for her, to be a more attentive dentist who will her job instead of leaving her patient with discomfort and pain."
Sheng F.
"Absolutely the best Dentist I have ever gone to! Also the most kind & caring. Her staff are very professional and friendly. They bend over backwards to work out my very difficult scheduling situation and they do it with grace & professionalism that is hard to find in many medical/dental offices. If you are looking for a Dentist, I highly recommend Nomi Lee, D.D.S.!"
Carolyn S.
"I love everyone here always so friendly. I love the location. My last visit I had two cavities, and the staff was very helpful with explaining the pricing to exactly how, and what they were going to do to make my teeth pretty, and healthy again.I fear the dentist, and this place made me feel relaxed, and happy."
Monique S.
"Love getting my teeth cleaned by Dr. Lee and her amazing staff. They are very cautious and always make sure that their patients are never in pain or uncomfortable. I never dread going back for a cleaning."
Sabrina F.
"Everyone here is so welcoming and the work done is so perfected and gentle I love it here and happy to say its my primary Dentist. Ive already recommended people i work with to come here and they agree with how nice it is. Love you girls and thank you for everything."
Tymarie E.
"Came here because a relative referred me. It was a very clean And friendly service! I am glad I gave it a try! Very happy. And a plus because I'm a union member and get great deals ! Thanks"
Valerie R.
"Dr. Lee is always amazing. The receptionists are hardworking and wonderful. The dental hygienist is very sensitive and doesn't wreck your gums. I've had great experiences at the Redlands and Beaumont offices."
Kimberly B.