Braces help to correct or straighten the teeth to give you a stunning smile. But you should always be careful about your teeth while wearing braces by giving a little more importance to teeth and gum. All orthodontic patients must take care of their braces regardless of age. bacteria are always on the verge of damaging teeth and gum while teeth with the braces have countless tiny spaces to trap food particle which give the tiny germs to grow into larger colonies of plaque biofilm. acid is the byproduct of germs after their digestion process which damages the tooth enamel.

Steps To Clean Dental Braces


Take off elastics before brushing so that the hooks and wires should not get disturbed.

Rinse your mouth with water to loosen the food particle before brushing. Hold the brush at an angle of 45 degrees to clean around the wires and pins of your braces to remove plaque and food debris. Brush back and forth and sweep toward the biting surfaces of the teeth.

Brush thoroughly for at least two to three minutes for two to three times a day. It is a good habit if you brush after every meal.


However, flossing is equally important for perfect teeth but it becomes more important when you are wearing braces. Trapped food particle between the brackets and teeth develops severe cavities causing bad breath and gum disease. There are different cleaning tool that can remove the debris from mouth such as soft picks, proxy brushes, woven dental floss, super floss or triangular, interdental picks. Floss gently around the brackets, under the wire and between the teeth.

It’s important to daily practice Brushing and Flossing, additionally it is also important to regularly visit an orthodontist to ensure your teeth are clean and are getting aligned in the way they should. Schedule an appointment with our Orthodontist Dr. Lee in Redlands to correct the teeth in position, for healthy and confident smile your desire.