Don’t skip to choose braces

If you think that wearing dental braces is unappealing, throwing negative impact on social life. then nothing to worry about it, as the new developments and technologies in orthodontics have lessened the impact on physical and social inconvenience. orthodontic treatment has options for treatment that fit comfortably with your lifestyle. advancement in technology in the field of dentistry made the braces more effective and wearable than ever. brackets are smaller than ever before and made of different material, from plastic to colorful ceramics.

There is no age limit for braces and according to the American Association of Orthodontists; there is a high number of patients fitted with dental braces every day over the age of 18

For adults, the entire process may take longer than for a child adolescent. Duration to straighten teeth may vary from a person to person and the average treatment may last about two years. Studies found that despite being many requirements for adults, correcting the adult teeth using braces is more successful.

Straightening will bring confidence in your smile. Additional to that it improves your bite, reduces tooth wear, and reduces abnormal pressure which causes jaw bone due to irregular teeth.

Our orthodontist Dr. Lee at Redlands suggests you for the braces on inspecting your mouth for various problems such as jaw issues, gum disease, or tooth decay in order to avoid unwanted consequences. If your teeth and jaws are healthy enough then recommends going with the dental braces.

How braces move teeth

Braces are extremely versatile, able to move the teeth in a variety of directions at the same time. The arch wires are threaded through the bracket to direct the force being applied to teeth and the arrangement of the wires can be customized to apply the different pressure to individual teeth. Sometimes elastic bands or springs attached to the arch wire play a role to boost the directional push.

To know more about dental braces for adults. Consult our orthodontist Dr. Lee at Redlands, CA.